Infinity Athens

1989 is the starting point and during those flinty years of “underground” electronic dance music, the only means of communication were the radio waves (104,5 Channel 15, Space FM, Life FM, Energy FM, Studio 2 104,2), the foreign press (DJ magazines disappearing on their arrival at some central spots downtown) and, of course, the independent record stores like Raze, Discobole, Tzina, NonStop etc.

All this evolving hunger for music provided the main incentive to start organising events wherever possible. Consequently, various outdoor places hosted our gigs like water tanks, roofs, old warehouses, some of the best clubs around and many other venues off the city, as well as the unforgettable radio shows on Energy FM & Studio 2, 104.2 FM.

It was late 1993 when “Infinity” was established as a music collective  – companionship consisting of four groups, essentially a team of fifteen people from around the city of Athens who shared common ideas and enthusiasm to explore the electronic dance culture and be inspired of it. Most events initially took place in the three stages of the legendary “Alsos West Club”.

Since then, countless spots around the country have hosted our passion. Our collaborations with major and internationally recognized names like Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler, Osunlade, Aaron Ross, Soul Heaven, Pied Piper, Colin Faver, Paul & Mike Van Dyk, Ltj Bukem and Mark Allen, to name a few, have left their mark through the passage of time.

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